A. Typist


A. Typist is a project group consisting of the musician Ryu Hankil, and the writers Kim Taeyong and lo wie. 

They use prepared typewriters with an interest in finding sound/music produced by writing, texts produced by sound/music and unexpected things produced by the relationship of the two ways of producing sound/music and texts. 

Recently, their interest is extending into translation among writing, text scores and performance, and transition among physical forms of sound, light and electricity.

After they released their first two collaboration works Beckett's Typist (lo wie and Ryu Hankil) and Profile (Kim Taeyong, Lee Youngji and Ryu Hankil) as CD+Book sets in 2011, they released Julie Hanssin's Typist, a performance of The Book before Music written by Julie Hanssin in 2013. 

RYU Hankil organized a monthly improvised music concert called RELAY from 2005 to 2008, and established his own publishing office called The Manual. He is interested in finding an alternative musical structure possessed by abandoned objects like clockworks, typewriters and telephones. After discovering the instrumental possibilities of a typewriter, he started to explore undiscovered possibilities between text and sound with lo wie and Taeyong Kim as a member of A.Typist.

KIM Taeyong has published two collections of short stories, Pig on the Grass (2007) and Pimp Story (2012), and two novels, Straight Out (2010) and Naked (2014). While publishing poetry books,Le Pantalon a cornes (2012), Winter Words (2015) and Natural Death (2015) under the name Jacques Denuitmain, he has written weird sentences under several other names. Recently, he has been dreaming of useless collisions of letters, sound and images, and has an interest in sound poetry. 

lo wie is Beckett's Typist (2011) and a member of A.Typist (2011~ ), and currently organizing a music composition concert series, namsan (2014~ ).


page score for 3 players (Kim Taeyong)
[2014. 5. 24.] Mujanhyang, MMCA, seoul (by Ryu Sukju)
[2014. 2. 28.] o', milano (by orolo)
[2014. 2. 26.] raum, bologna (by Sant' Andrea degli amplificatori)
[2014. 2. 25.] Stolze 18, zürich (by orolo)
[2013. 5. 24.] Mullae art center, seoul (by orolo)
[2013. 5. 24.] Mullae art center, seoul (by orolo)
[2013. 4. 26.] Sultang Bar, seoul (by Ryu Sukju)
[2012. 11. 17.] artspace Donquixote, suncheon 
(by orolo)
[2012. 11. 17.] artspace Donquixote, suncheon (by artspace Donquixote)



“A. Typist” (by Hyegang Park)

Beckett's Typist (by Richard Pinnell)
Beckett's Typist』 and Profile (by Brian Olewnick)